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Automate your processes with intelligent extraction of data from documents

Organisations regularly receive documents such as contracts, invoices, reimbursement receipts and it takes a lot of manual effort to extract the right information from these documents and put it into the enterprise applications

DocuParse is an intelligent solution that helps you to identify, extract, summarise, and classify relevant information from the documents

Multiple Document Types

Support data extraction from multiple document types such as contracts, invoices, purchase orders, trust deeds, financial statements, account statements and many more.

Multiple Formats

Extract and summarise information from documents, excels, PDFs, scanned images

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Customer Pulse

Ubiquity, agility and customer focus are the hallmarks of good customer service.

We have built Customer Pulse to help businesses realise their customer service goals. Customer Pulse helps you automatically triage your customer communications from various channels to ensure customer interactions are tracked, analysed and actioned without any delay.

Pulse knows your business

Create insights for the customer services team from previous interactions, so your teams can focus on what they do best and not waste time on information mining

Pulse is intelligent

Fine-tuned AI models to understand customer communications across industries such as Financial Services, Energy, and Utilities

Pulse knows your customers

Integrated with email, chats, social media and CRM systems to present an omnichannel customer service

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empower businesses to safely store their customer’s data

Customer data is a goldmine but ensuring that the customer’s personal information (PII) remains secure can be challenging. Data breach can be a financial liability as much as it is the loss of brand credibility and trust.

PIIManager is an artificial intelligence enabled solution designed for businesses to keep their customers’ sensitive information confidential and eliminate any need for manual redaction.

Multi-Source Support

Redact personal information from multiple data sources including images, documents, email, chats, audio transcripts, databases

Multi-Document Support

Mask personal information from various types of documents viz. credit cards, passport, driver license, aadhaar card etc.

Multi-Information Support

Secure various types of PII data such as name, phone numbers, card numbers, email id, and passwords

Customer stories

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