An artificial intelligence-based solution that identifies, extracts, and exports data from a PDF or scanned document to structured information formats.
say goodbye to manual data entry, data extraction and parsing all while you automate your business processes.

Why Docuparse

Models are pre-set as per most common use cases. Use the ones that you think fits your business model or custom make one with our experts.
Data Extraction is possible across document types, across mediums and channels of communication of your business.
Simple and Easy API based integration. Faster implementation and zero wait time.
All that sums up to adding the Wow factor to your customer services.
Pre-set extraction models
Pre-configured extraction models covering the most common use cases that set you up within minutes and can be tweaked to meet your unique business needs.
Perfect Blend of AI and Human Intelligence
Docuparse uses NLP and Deep learning over and above OCR to extract text with high accuracy and generate a confidence score for you to review quickly with minimal errors.
Export Data Anywhere
Export parsed data to virtually any system using JSON Rest API, or download in CSV, Excel, and XML formats.
Multiple Document Types
Extract data from various document types such as PDF, scanned images, and HTML.
Text and data extraction across pages
Extract text, tables, forms, and other structured data in-context and spread across multiple pages without configuration, training, or custom code.
Extensible with custom templates
Easily define new parsing template using our “boundary box” technique and increase extraction accuracy from unknown document templates.
Inbuilt validation rules
Use inbuilt and custom validation rules for addressing errors during extraction process thus, covering the most common use cases such as invoice processing.
Direct ingestion via email integration
Automatically extract details from email attachments to accurately enter the data into any business system.


Automate end-to-end accounts receivable and payable workflows
Capture tabular financial data from PDFs or scanned images into a structured format to achieve multiple objectives.
Automate your paper applications processing with intelligent data extraction.
Simplify, speed up and reduce errors in standardised legal documents processing

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