Not for profit Organization

About the Client

Client is a registered charity supporting people living with disability, youth in crisis, their families, and carers. Across our wide range of services, we always respond with experience, flexibility, and care. We have over 60 years of experience delivering client, community, and family-centred programs. 

Client is a public company, limited by guarantee and accredited under DHHS quality standards. 
We are also registered as a service provider for the National Disability insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

Business Challenges

  • Manual Plan Management Provisioning statement generation for each client 
  • Time consuming task 
  • Repetitive tasks 
  • Prone to human errors 

Our Solution

  • Conducted multiple workshops with Service Desk users and key leadership team members. 
  • Analyse repetitive IT Operations listed below: 
    • Logging into NDIS government website 
    • Downloading data from NDIS government website 
    • Merging downloaded data with Moira format 
    • Calculating the spend and remaining balance of client’s services. 
    • Generating visual graphs of the spending’s 
  • Categorize the Areas–  
      • Simplification – Simplify the process follow by cutting unwanted steps. 
      • Elimination – Eliminate redundant process. 
      • Automation – Automate the process for logging in, downloading and generating invoices. 
  • Open Source – TagUI used for reducing manual work of logging in and downloading documents from NDIS website and merging the data with Client’s tool to get the format correct. 
  • Secure – Automation through native access management, digitally signed scripts, and obfuscation 
  • Modular – Tagui + python combination of automating the calculations and generating automated visualization graph for each client invoice and sending email out to the clients. 
  • Performance- Ability to scale horizontally based on volume of requests.  


  • Reduced human calculation errors. 
  • Reduced time taken for doing the manual task by 50% 
  • Improved efficiency in invoice generation 
  • Lowered wastage of Human talents with automation of the repetitive and mundane process 
  • Suggested and help incorporate simplification/ elimination of process.