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Shaping the future of investments with technology

The investment industry has jumped on the digital transformation bandwagon, and why should it not? Technological adoption is increasingly in demand to meet unique and dynamic client needs and streamline complex investment processes. Innovative technologies like AI, RPA, and cloud computing have given investment companies a critical advantage by enabling them to process massive…

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How Innovative Technologies are Reshaping Alternative Investments?

Despite the technology sector being a key area of interest for Alternative Investment funds, it has traditionally been quite a low-tech industry. One can cite several reasons for this. The key reason is that the Alternative Investment firms house smaller teams and lack dedicated technology teams to support them. Alternative Investment has, therefore, historically…

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Looking beyond

As someone at the helm of an organization that is growing rapidly(we grew nearly 100% both in terms of revenue and staff numbers and incubated businesses, IP and service offerings last year), I know that now is the time to catch the wind and forge ahead. However, I find myself questioning the old established…

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