Requirement Gathering & Significance in Agile

The profession of analyzing the business requires flexibility, responsiveness, creativity, innovative thinking, acceptance of change, and a dependence on individuals and interactions. Such qualities are desired, if not required, regardless of whether the business analyst is involved with agile software development, traditional software development, or no software development at all. We may not be…

The Future of Energy

E=mc2 is probably one of the most famous scientific equations which represents mass energy equivalence and allows you to calculate equivalent energy. Unfortunately, energy companies have been using a slight variation of the famed Einstein formula namely

Flutter: Is it a one stop solution for cross-platform mobile app development?

So, what is a mobile app development all about? Mobile app development is the making of software intended to run on mobile devices and optimized to take advantage of those device’s unique features and hardware. There are mainly two operating systems in the market as Android and iOS. Considering these two OS platforms, app…

Why Your SaaS Customer Churn Metrics Are Probably Wrong

If recurring revenue is the lifeblood of a SaaS business, high customer churn is its death knell, a warning sign that things are about to go seriously wrong. Lost customers eat away at your growth, undermine the stability of your business, and wave a bright red flag in front of potential investors. If left unchecked, customer churn can become a big problem.

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