Implementing Agile

Centelon is a 4-year-young organization focusing on IT Services and Products, with a presence in Australia, Singapore and India. With over 130 employees presently it’s an employee-owned company. Culturally, we are a healthy mix of being financially conservative (zero debt), aggressive or let’s say bold when it comes to actions taken and mildly socialistic/informal…

The Art of Personal Branding

One of the first things I learnt about marketing when I went to a B school some 15 years back is “Learn to Market Yourself”. So, how do you Market Yourself? What is it that you do or what is that one thing or rather a few things which make you stand apart? What…

Driving Organization Culture

Centelon is currently a little over 4 years old with more than 110 employees spread across five cities in three countries. While this has been a great growth story, one of the challenges that comes with such rapid growth, especially one that is geographically dispersed is how do we establish a distinctive organisational culture….

Learnings from Covid 19

Centelon is a 4–year-old company with over 110 employees, focussing on IT services and products with a presence in Australia, Singapore and India. We are an employee owned company and culturally, a healthy mix of being financially conservative ( zero debt), aggressive/bold when it comes to actions taken and mildly socialistic/informal in our general approach. Over the last two years we have been growing…

4 Ways to Reveal Your SaaS Product’s Buyer Persona

Whether you’re trying to accelerate your lead generation or send your conversion rates sky-high, the success of your SaaS product relies on your understanding of a single person: the buyer.
To get to the heart of the pains, problems and passions that drive buyers towards to your product, you need to learn as much about your buyer as possible. Thankfully, there are 4 actionable strategies you can use for defining and refining your SaaS product’s buyer persona.

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