AI in the Asset Management Industry

I recently read a book on stock picking. The book on value investing, exhorted the readers to be aware that a good stock is not the same as a good company. Over the years, stock-picking books have become a genre in themselves. Investors trust passive equity funds I always like to see how a…

Interpretable AI

Over the years, AI models have become very complex. Some of the models have more than 100 million parameters. If we use such a complex model, it is hard to explain how the model arrived at its results.

The Promise Of AI

Do you as manager struggle with production planning and scheduling? As a bank employee, what if you could better predict potential credit and loan defaulters? What if the work that takes hours to get done by 50 employees, gets done within seconds by 1 person? What if your homes could ‘sense’ something being wrong…


The current economic environment enables many large companies to succeed, while many small and medium businesses (SMBs) are suffering…
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What AI can do

You have probably heard people mention during meetings or kick-offs: “Can we not use an AI solution for that? Automate it with machine…
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AI in Pandemic

By AI Trends Staff AI is receiving a push from the race to find a vaccine, diagnostics and effective treatments for the COVID-19 virus, and the push has also heightened awareness of the need to implement AI that is transparent and free of bias—AI that can be trusted. The World Economic Forum is one organization […]

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