Digital Services

green fields or building on your existing tech, we provide our clients with state of the art digital solutions built on trusted platforms. so, you get the power of the platform and a tailored solution fit for your organisation.



Customer Experience & Strategy Consulting

  • Sales automation
  • Sales Channel optimisation
  • Customer experience management
  • Premium customer engagement

Digital Assessment

  • Maturity assessment
  • Digital road-map planning

Digital Strategy Development

  • Define digital roadmap
  • Digital experience strategy
  • Design, architecture & value analysis
  • Platform and tool selection
  • Change management

Customer stories

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    UX + CX

    Wireframing, design conceptualization, prototyping, we have the full compliment suit of Solutions to bring your concepts to life. The cutting edge of Design thinking, with your Customer in mind for everything we do.
    UX - CX

    Experience & Design


    • evaluation of current system
    • a/b testing
    • user surveys

    UX Design + Wireframe

    • mockup designing
    • design conceptualisation
    • production designs
    • prototyping

    Customer Behaviour & Personas

    • design user flows
    • storytelling
    • defining personas

    Content Strategy

    • design patterns
    • creating content
    • building content style guides

    Create the Experiences Your Customers and Employees Demand.

    How do you design Salesforce around customer and employee needs?

    We help you understand and pinpoint issues in your connected customer and employee experiences to gain insight into opportunities that will drive measurable value.opportunities into powerful, meaningful, and valuable experiences.

    Centelon’s experience team is a group of thinkers and creators, designers, researchers and developers, integrated to the core of our services team – turning technology and user driven opportunities into powerful, meaningful, and valuable experiences.

    We put the customer at the center of a multidisciplinary, agile approach: alignment of strategy, design, and technology around the customer journey, enabling innovation of the product service experience through iterative, incremental activations and deliver continual enterprise transformation at speed and at scale.
    The capabilities in strategy, design and technology positions us at intersections where we derive insight, shape interaction, develop integration and unlock innovation – with the customer’s journey at the center of everything we do.

    Great digital experiences require the alignment of business functions around the customer journey. For businesses operating at scale, this requires new ways of working that combine technical agility with a relentless focus on the customer.

    • Interaction design
    • Product design
    • Service design
    • User experience (UX)
    • Copywriting
    • User research

    Enormous amounts of information are now accessible as never before – from proprietary big data to new public sources of open data. We’ll help you make sense of the challenges to make better decisions.

    • Digital asset management
    • Digital engineering
    • Digitized enterprise operations
    • Platforms & solutions

    Customer stories

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      Strategy + Planning

      • process review and analysis
      • definition of kpi & key success factors
      • draft rpa roadmap

      RPA Implementation

      • rpa tool selection – uipath, tagui, python
      • process automation validation and tuning
      • training and rollout


      • continuous improvement
      • on-boarding new processes
      • managing process changes

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        Web + Mobile Development

        Native, hybrid app development, responsive web apps we’ve done it. Future focused Organisations understand their customers are moving to mobile. To tailor their applications to their customers needs, we help them do so and provide continuous improvement and support.
        Web+Mobile development


        • user interface design – spa, pwa, responsive
        • development: angular, react, vue, php
        • hosting: aws, azure


        • ios
        • android
        • hybrid – flutter, cordova

        Content Management

        • wordpress
        • drupal, govcms
        • microsoft sharepoint


        • magento
        • shopify
        • opencart

        Customer stories

        Utility -Digital Parking Facility 
        helping the European provider of digital parking services to implement a self-service portal that enables people to do sophisticated business transactions
        case studies
        How implementing an ERP solution improved efficiency and reduced material wastage for a nutraceutical company
        case studies

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          Managed Services

          We manage your entire Digital Factory, Release Management ,Capacity based support modelling and shared services support modelling
          managing service

          Critical System Support

          • application maintenance
            • proactive
            • preventive
            • corrective
            • perfective
          • application monitoring
          • dedicated helpdesk
          • 24×7 sla based support
          • incident and problem management

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            Providing our customers with specialised resourcing services to handle the needs of tech stacks. With the knowledge of tech domain and expertise to assess the right fitment we understand the needs of your tech space. With expertise in Salesforce CRM and other top of the line CRM , Testing & Dev Ops we can help you provide just the right talent without you have to spend manhours searching the right talent.

            Just tell us who you want to hire and with given tech specs. We will work through our connections and talent pool and bring them to you quickly!!


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              Machine Learning

              An expanse of experience and knowledge simplified for your organisation.
              Good business practice is knowing when you need an extra pair of hands to deliver change. In an ever-changing and rapidly developing world, experience goes a long way to help Organizations deliver meaningful customer solutions.
              AI / ML Services

              Organisations at the forefront of innovation and new technologies understand the power of AI and ML, we help our Clients automate their business to maximise efficiency.

              data analytics

              Most Organisations are starting to understand the power their Data holds. Forecasting, performance research, customer analytics, the list is endless if you untangle the data web.

              data analytics & data engineering

              How do Organisations exploit their Data and not the other way round? Our data engineering services helps to transform your data into the best possible format for use downstream using data pipelines, data lakes, and data warehouses.

              We put our clients and their customers at the forefront of
              everything we do.

              Customer stories

              devops + testing

              Continuous integration and delivery in the Development process, drives efficiencies, Organisations benefit a great deal. We help Organisations realise those benefits.
              DevOps represents a major revolution in the way software is delivered. It offers faster delivery of products and improved customer experience. It reduces the risk of deploying deficient software which in turn benefits our Clients

              We use DevOps practices to inform our approaches to every phase of the development process, Centelon also covers and supports every test phase in the development lifecycle.

              Our flexible engagement models ensure a cost-effective solution that helps in Finding the Defect fast, early and ensuring Optimal solution.

              One Stop Solution for all your Testing need, we offer E2E Testing Services. Overall solution from Strategizing the Test approach, Suggest the right approach, implement and ensure the quality of the product/ project with apt implementation of the quality engineering product 

              Test Implementation Offerings


              • Salesforce Testing
              • Functional Testing
              • Automation Testing 
              • Mobile Testing
              • API Testing & Service Virtualization 
              • Microservices Testing 
              • Usability Testing
              • Performance Testing
              • Security Testing
              • AI/ML Automation Testing



              Test Stages
              • Automation Feasibility, Requirement Gathering & Gap analysis 
              • Architecture Landscape analysis. 
              • Identifying Testing levels
              • Tool Fitment & Recommendation
              • Implementation of Strategy & Plan 
              Test CoE
              • Proven Test Methodology
              • Cloud & CICD enabled  
              • Open Source Automation framework (Across Web, API &Mobile)
              • NPSP Salesforce Automation Solution
              • Reusable assets
              • Continuous Monitoring
              • Continuous Improvements 

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                make room for your key business activities. do not get held up with mundane tasks, let the experts do what they do best.

                We at Centelon understand the need to have a go-to partner who can provide all the internal support while you get to deal with real business issues. We bring out the capabilities of clients and have a participative process and lead the ongoing work


                Document processing is a daunting business task & yet a very essential activity to increase business efficiency.Outsourcing your document processing work to our Documentation service can be a smart way to minimize the administrative burdens whilst saving on operational costs.

                • DATA CONVERSION
                • DATA CAPTURING
                • DATABASE MINING
                • LEGAL DOCUMENTS
                • INSURANCE CLAIM
                • IMAGE PROCESSING
                • FORM PROCESSING
                • SURVEY PROCESSING
                • MEDICAL CLAIMS
                • PATIENT RECORDS

                Thinking of designing presentation and other creatives is time consuming. Our portfolio of creative services we understand your business needs and the right business jargon and give you the best design and presentation services.

                • CREATIVE DESIGNING
                • BRANDING CONCEPTS

                With the research and networking skills and no rush to sell, we have the time and opportunity to attract desired people. Our Telecom Services are built with a strong force in call center outsourcing support and excellent customer service.

                • OUTBOUND & INBOUND CALLING

                Stressed to have comprehensive mortgage support services for Mortgage brokers, Asset Managers and Lenders. Our Mortgage processing service specializes in providing end-to-end support in loan processing, underwriting, and servicing for mortgage business.

                • Mortgage Processing
                • Mortgage Underwriting Services
                • Mortgage Closing Support Services
                • Default Management Services
                • Mortgage Data Mng Services
                • Appraisal Support
                • Borrower Screening and Kyc
                • Foreclosure Assistance
                • Lease Abstraction
                • Post-closing Support
                • Title Support Services

                Claiming Insurance benefits and going through the verification process is time consuming. Our Medical Service team practices the best and the latest medical technical knowledge and technologies. This helps us follow Unique Steps in the Process Execution which is Straight forward and Easy to Validate with a quick turnaround time.

                • Insurance Claim Process
                • Revenue Cycle Management
                • Management Services and Solution
                • Insurance Verification Process
                • Medical Coding
                • Medical Billing Process Services


                • Service Levels Agreements (SLAs)
                • 24×7 Cloud Service Helpdesk Managed Services for Network
                • Mobility
                • Infrastructure Billing & Account Management Monitoring
                • Reporting & Analytics Load balancing
                • Auto Scaling Disaster Recovery & Backup Security & Compliance

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                  a boutique technology advisory from the house of centelon.

                  ERP Consulting with technology-led transformation that assures the complete enterprise solution delivery. Ensuring that our services provide measurable and sustainable value to your business.

                  Key Benefits of Centelon
                  ERP Services​

                  focused on your business needs​

                  “Best practice” project management tools with Test and quality control processes and Documentation standards 

                  online tracking system. Shared view of project with timelines, tasks and dependencies available to all stakeholders for better control over project

                  Standardized SLA management & Reporting mechanism which will ensure peace of mind for you


                  Using our Unique PPP Model


                  We use technology to make meaningful contributions to society. 


                  Functional team experience with almost 6000+experience across Implementations in USA, Australia, UK, Bermuda etc. Along with an advisory team with industry experts for business and domain advice which is just right for your business. 


                  save costs and make additional profits with our proven implementation methodology.

                  Choose the technology stack that suits you best !!

                  Customer stories

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                    are only the best