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finnate suite of products

Finnate is built for flexibility, depth and efficiency in the very complex world of alternative investments & business lending, resulting in increased revenue and compliance along with reduced risks and costs

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finnate originate

Enterprise level end-to-end origination system be it for alternative investments or managing loan life-cycle

Finnate originate helps Financial Institutions achieve complete automation in the lending process across multiple segments in case of Business Lending and multi asset classes in case of Alternative investments. Built on the power of Machine learning, it expedites processing times & gives enhanced customer experience through real-time and collaborative decision-making between its users. 

Like to have someone who Manages all your deals, due diligence, data and decisions by using pre-configured modules – choosing a workflow that best suits you! 

finnate originate is available for alternative investment firms and business lending

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finnate monitor

“Ongoing Continuous Due Diligence” – Exhaustive, predictive, and prescriptive insights regarding asset and portfolio performance.

Finnate Monitor performs “Ongoing Continuous Due Diligence” by monitoring investee or borrower assets. It works using various types of asset specific or industry specific data feeds on real time basis to monitor asset health metrics and contractual commitments.   

 The immersive visual insights and user actionable notifications helping Investors and Lenders with early warnings and breaches to keep Techno Legal risks, Execution risks, Market risks and Repetitional risks in check  

Finnate Monitor is available for both Alternative Investment firms and Business lending financial institutions  

finnate investfact

Grow, optimize, and automate complex processes with Finnate – Investfact

Finnate – Investfact is an advanced platform for financial institutions, that aims to improve the turnaround time and service experience, agility, transparent while mitigating risks.

Invest fact for Business lending enables process automation to achieve cost optimizations. Investfact replaces unconnected servicing, collections and risk mitigation systems with a straight through process.

Investfact allows for Flexible financial modelling for alternative investment deals Investfact helps you perform complex financial engineering for your alternative investment deals.

finnate invesfact is available for alternative investment firms and business lending.

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finnate limits & collateral

Proactively manage limits and collateral risk and take informed decisions.

Finnate – Limits and Collaterals provides a centralized platform for managing exposures and capital allocation requirements across the financial institution in real time with capabilities of enterprise wide management of limits and collaterals.

Finnate – Limits and Collaterals helps in efficient risk management and control in an era of increased regulatory compliance and competition.

finnate limits & collateral is available for alternative investment firms and business lending

finnate raise

Efficient fund raising for alternative investments

Raise helps you efficiently manage fund raising for your alternative investments, inspiring trust amongst investors, partners and vendors. Raise helps you efficiently manage fund raising for your alternative investments, inspiring trust amongst investors, partners and vendors.

finnate raise is only available for alternative investment firms

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finnate collabsmart

Smart collaboration platform for alternative investment stakeholders

Collabsmart lets you collaborate with your partners, regulators and vendors across all stages of your alternative investment management journey. Work closely with your customers, vendors, and service providers with an intuitive UI and collaboration modules customized according to each stakeholder. 

finnate collabsmart is only available for alternative investment firms

Know More on Collabsmart for AI 

finnate is a modular platform built for alternative investments and business-lending. Each of the above listed products makes finnate . Choose what suits your requirements the best !


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