Finnate Alternative


Finnate Alternative Investments – helps you efficiently manage fund raising for your alternative investments, inspiring trust amongst investors, partners and vendors.

Efficient fund raising for alternative investments

Create or import investor lists from various file formats and third-party data sources using a pre-configured integration adapter

Curate investor lists both objectively and subjectively using a configurable and detailed investor data model

Run customised fund raising campaigns configured according to your fund strategy to attract investors based on their geographical, sectoral and other interests

Search and filter investors for your funds according to their strategic priorities and preferences to identify the best opportunities and maximise your chances of success

Use our smart documentation generation tool to create personalised pitch decks for investors according to their strategic interests, past investments, projected fund returns, payment schedules, and agreements

Raise money efficiently by managing fund raising as a project with tasks, categories, prospects, stages, campaigns and meetings – all custom-built for the fund raising process and available in one place

Finnate ai comes with cloud-native integrations and can connect with 3rd party applications through api and connectors to support all your business processes

Finnate ai is hosted and managed by Centelon on the cloud so updates, upgrades and support are all taken care of, all while you can focus on your business

Finnate ai is web, desktop, and device-ready, so it’s ready for you whenever and wherever you are

finnate ai -Raise is a component of our flagship platform, Finnate. You can use just Raise, the entire platform, or a combination of Finnate components that work best for you!

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