finnate alternative investment


manages all your deals, due diligence, data and decisions.

End-to-end  origination system for alternative investments

Create deals for multiple asset classes using pre-configured modules – choose a workflow that best suits you!

Automate and extend your data capture with data models suited to your asset classes – even from your Excel documents!

Drive due diligence with metrics based on asset class and instrument, automated ratio calculation, and configurable scorecard

Structure your deals for multiple instruments, condition precedent, condition subsequent, covenants, cash flow, and fees

Generate and manage documents throughout their usage life-cycle

Real-time Investment Climate (IC) note generation from data sources across various scenarios, financial ratios and policy compliances

Improve quality control and compliance management, with role-based user hierarchies allowing the right level of access to the right people in your organisation

Finnate ai comes with cloud-native integrations and can connect with 3rd party applications through api and connectors to support all your business processes

Finnate ai is hosted and managed by Centelon on the cloud so updates, upgrades and support are all taken care of, all while you can focus on your business

Finnate ai is web, desktop, and device-ready, so it’s ready for you whenever and wherever you are

finnate ai – Originate is a component of our flagship platform, Finnate. You can use just Originate, the entire platform, or a combination of Finnate components that work best for you!

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