finnate alternative investments


Finnate Alternative Investments – let’s you collaborate with your partners, regulators and vendors across all stages of your alternative investment management journey.

smart collaboration platform for alternative investment stakeholders

collabsmart is feature rich

Work closely with your customers, vendors, and service providers with an intuitive UI and collaboration modules customized according to each type of stakeholder.
Securely exchange information and documents of various types (text, images, rich media) amongst all stakeholders
Collaborate on topics of interest with investors, investees, legal and accounting firms, service providers and fund administrators using notifications, chat and tagging; use versioning and auditing to never lose track of your work

Provide real-time information, nudges and reminders to all participants based on their activities and learnings gained over time using pre-configured triggers and machine learning algorithms

Deliver engaging experience to collaborators by allowing them to build custom dashboards, views, widgets and journey maps according to their roles and personas

Finnate ai comes with cloud-native integrations and can connect with 3rd party applications through api and connectors to support all your business processes

Finnate ai is hosted and managed by Centelon on the cloud so updates, upgrades and support are all taken care of, so you can focus on your business

Finnate ai is web, desktop, and device-ready, so it’s ready for you whenever and wherever you are

finnate ai collabsmart is a component of our flagship platform, Finnate. You can use just Collabsmart, the entire platform, or a combination of Finnate components that work best for you!

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