About the Client

Client is a world leader in the production of dental prosthesis, orthodontics and antisnoring devices. Over 30 years, the Client has been serving the Australian dental industry with leading, high quality products and services. Intraoral scanners for digital impressions are increasingly becoming the standard of care .

Business Challenges

  • Effort Drain in Order Creation to fulfilment 
  • Different modes of input of digital data  
  • High Op-Ex cost 
  • Improve efficiency and quality  
  • Sub optimal usage of Human talents 

Our Solution

  • Implemented Python based Automation for inputs from 5 different scanners 
  • Conducted multiple workshops with Digital Dentistry team and key leadership team members.  
  • Analysed the Digital data flow  
  • Identified the repetitive process flows  
  • Automated Order creation to fulfilment process  
    • Read emails for order details 
    • Create orders by extracting data from – pdf, xml or html files 
    • Download the Order details files from portals 
    • Upload the files to manufacturing sites for order fulfilment 
  • Multi bot architecture to cater to various use scanners 
  • Performance- Ability to scale horizontally based on volume of requests  


  • Reduced the Op-Ex cost by 50%  
  • Improved efficiency in Order creation and routing in Digital dentistry 
  • Lowered wastage of Human talents with automation of the repetitive and mundane ticket provisioning process