About the Client:

The ASK group with a heritage dating back to 1983 is a diversified Financial Services group renowned for its strong research-based investment advice. 

Business Challenges

  • High manual effort invested for request creation daily by Operation Team 
  • Time bound repetitive activities and critical to decision making 
  • Download digital data feeds from multiple websites, validate , consolidate and share with quality 
  • High Op-Ex cost 
  • Sub optimal usage of Human talents 

Our Solution:

  • Conducted multiple workshops with Operation team and key leadership team members.  
  • Analyse repetitive request creation and report generation 
  • Implemented Automation via the below–  
    • Initiating Request 
    • Downloading files and processing of data  
    • Upload files into data storage  
  • Python based solution for Data validations consolidation 
  • TechForce based solution for process automation and sharing of data 
  • Secure – Automation through native access management, digitally signed scripts and obfuscation 
  • Modular – Multi bot architecture to cater to various use cases 
  • Performance- Ability to scale horizontally based on volume of requests  


  • Initiation of Request and downloading of reports are achieved after working hours 
  • High accuracy in calculations. 
  • On time upload of the files and the feeds. 
  • Optimal usage of human personnel  
  • 30% cost reduction in operation