energy & utility

About the Client:

Client is one of the largest Australian electricity distribution company. The company owns and maintains power lines, substations and street lights and also manages the largest electricity distribution network .

Business Challenges

  • Effort Drain in IT Service Management 
  • High Operating Expenditure 
  • Sub optimal usage of Human talents 

Our Solution:

  • Conducted multiple workshops with Service Desk users and key leadership team members. 
  • Analyse repetitive IT Operations listed below: 
    • Onboarding/Offboarding
      1. Add/ remove access   
      2. Active Directory/ Network Folder 
      3. Email – Share Mailbox, Distribution List 
      4. Remote Access
    • Id Cards 
    • Application Access 
    • Password Reset 
  • Categorize the Areas–  
      • Simplification – Simplify the process follow by cutting unwanted steps 
      • Elimination – Eliminate redundant process 
      • Automation – Automate the process for FTE reduction 
  • Open Source – TagUI used for reducing Capex
  • Secure – Automation through native access management, digitally signed scripts and obfuscation 
  • Modular – Multi bot architecture to cater to various use cases 
  • Performance- Ability to scale horizontally based on volume of requests  


  • Reduced the Operating Expenditure by 40%  
  • Improved efficiency in Ticket management in Service Now 
  • Lowered wastage of Human talents with automation of the repetitive and mundane ticket provisioning process 
  • Suggested and help incorporate simplification/ elimination of process   
  • Drafted the process flows based on the inputs received in various workshops 
  • Identified User Experience improvement areas in ServiceNow workflows and screens