Global Salesforce Practice Head (Director)

The Global Salesforce practice head will demonstrate the knowledge of business processes and diverse technologies having led a large Salesforce practice covering diverse range of Salesforce cloud ecosystem. The Global Salesforce Practice Head would manage multiple responsibilities including a strategist, practice leader, operations, people’s leader, delivery, and a presales expert.

The Global Salesforce practice head will be responsible for driving Centelon’s global Salesforce business and growth across global markets.

Key role dimensions would include

  1. Building and growing Salesforce practice as per company target and future market focus.
  2. Meet revenue targets.
  3. Talent acquisition and development including managing attrition.

Essential job functions:

  1. Overall experience of over 15+ years with relevant experience in Salesforce.
  2. Demonstrated experience of minimum 5 years in having managed a sizeable Salesforce practice.
  3. Managed the Salesforce practice to deliver customer success.
  4. Aligns Salesforce growth strategy with overall enterprise applications focus and firm’s business strategy
  5. Demonstrate thought leadership to help grow organisations Salesforce practice as a leading global Salesforce services provider
  6. Coordinates with various chapters / service lines and global sales teams to drive the overall competency growth as per market needs, future market focus and help define workable Go to Market (GTM) focus.
  7. Help drive business from ongoing clients and help win new clients.
  8. Actively support sales opportunities by leveraging solutions, offerings and services and translate them into strong value proposition for clients and help win most deals.
  9. Effectively monitor the overall practice resources to drive them towards being relevant to Salesforce technologies and market always needs.
  10. Contributes industry expertise and understanding of client business.
  11. Support delivery teams on various projects to have the required multi-discipline Salesforce team.
  12. Demonstrate eminence across various technologies and products that complement Salesforce solutions and develop a team with deep knowledge of such products and technologies.
  13. Provide expertise within the context of each project in a manner designed to increase the overall Salesforce knowledge of team members.
  14. Co-ordinate and leverage relationships with leading Salesforce and product vendors to assimilate product expertise build internal resources and help build thought leadership/POCs to grow business.

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