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The Future of Energy

E=mc2 is probably one of the most famous scientific equations which represents mass energy equivalence and allows you to calculate equivalent energy. Unfortunately, energy companies have been using a slight variation of the famed Einstein formula namely

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Power of PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes we wonder what changes computers have brought to this world. The technological advancement has given us a different perception about this world. Our thinking has changed; life has moved in a different direction. Businessmen think about new ways of achieving their goals using the best of technology. No matter how technology has evolved…

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Salesforce JWT Bearer Authentication – Part1

Salesforce provides wide range of functionalities which help its customers to grow their business. Because of the Point and Click services, advanced functionalities given by Salesforce, various organizations have started switching to Salesforce CRM from their conventional technologies. But sometimes it becomes difficult to migrate existing system to Salesforce completely, for which we are…

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The Promise Of AI

Do you as manager struggle with production planning and scheduling? As a bank employee, what if you could better predict potential credit and loan defaulters? What if the work that takes hours to get done by 50 employees, gets done within seconds by 1 person? What if your homes could ‘sense’ something being wrong…

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Using Pardot for B2B Marketing

Pardot is a SaaS based Salesforce marketing automation platform which aims to automate your marketing processes smoothly and efficiently. It is targeted towards B2B segment and gives you the power to align your sales and marketing team accordingly. According to Salesforce, post Pardot adoption, its customers have seen on an average, sales revenue growth of 34% and marketing…

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My product design path: consumer to business

Credit for Gareth HarperI’m very happy that I finally started writing an English design blog. The design road I’ve walked is mostly based on consumer products. Two years ago, I started to dive into the full B2B design circuit. Throughout the process of designing both types of products, I’ve noticed many differences in compatibility and…

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